Miracle Moments Are … Miraculous

This week has been hard. It hasn’t felt like “subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness” (#MayCauseMiracles). It’s been me at my worst with myself.

As I work on being love and bringing in more love this week, it seems like I’m experiencing more guilt and self-punishment. The thought that I am undeserving is very noisy in my mind.

What blocks this sense of love you ask? “I should be…”

  • I should be more clear about what I want to do next in my work life
  • I should be more confident
  • I should be more eager and aggressive to go after what I want
  • I should like talking to new people
  • I should be more trusting that the universe is loving and guiding me
  • I should …

The guilt and ego channel is really loud right now.

I just suddenly remembered a conversation I had with Rich Karlgaard about a year ago. How random! Or not! This was probably not a typical conversation with Rich. It was definitely on the more personal and self-reflective side. 

I’m going to paraphrase. Rich said he doesn’t have enough time in this life to fix everything that doesn’t work about himself. AND it doesn’t matter anyway for making a big difference. He said that all he can do is stay in the light and let a higher power work through him.

What I like about this is that he puts no pressure on himself to fix anything or to slave over the past. He believes he can’t get it done. If there’s something to work through or learn, he’ll do it, all in. Ultimately, there’s just not enough time and he may not have the ability to fix every last little flaw in himself. But the universe can and does work through him if he’s willing and open to it.

Now I will quote him. He says, “if you stand in the light, everything harmonizes.” “Open the window, let the light shine in – things are always better. The results will take care of themselves.”

I think I just had a “miracle moment.” My mind relaxed and got a little quiet. A little light shone through and I felt it, I caught it.  Gonna hold onto it and keep on keeping on. Thank you, universe.



  1. Don’t should on me and I won’t should on you. 🙂 Remember that from when we were counselors???
    I’m not saying you’re doing this, but sometimes I feel like I over complicate everything! And that all I really need to do is just live in the moment, be grateful for so much amazing good in my life, and serve others…thinking about others gets me out of my own head and my own self depreciating thoughts because when you’re thinking about others, that’s where your though is…on others…not on yourself. That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.
    Love you to the end of the universe and back Sus!! Xoxox

    1. I DO remember that from camp! Hahaha!!
      I also love what you shared. Gratitude can go a long way for me in terms of changing the self-talk. Doing for others and supporting them also works well for me. I hadn’t thought about simply thinking about others. I love that. Thank you! xox

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