Pour You Out A Blessing

Looking for a new job has been the best catalyst for my personal reinvention that I didn’t know I wanted or needed.

I started out thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.

But over the last several months I have discovered how general vs. specific my focus was: find a job in marketing.

And it’s a process, I get that.

But I’m starting to realize that the process I thought I was in is not the process I am actually in.

I thought that if I do all the right things, the things under my control, then the right job will show up. Therefore, I’m in control of the outcome by the associative property.

But things haven’t fallen into place yet like I thought and like I’m used to.

I’m not upset over any particular job opportunity that has come and gone. I honestly don’t think the right job has come my way yet.

But the truth is, my thoughts about what I want keep changing.

At one moment I want to join a huge company, then I think I want small.

Next I want to keep challenging myself and climb the corporate ladder then I think, no thanks to the stress that involves.

Then I think, maybe I should freelance, but then always going after projects is a hassle.

It’s hard to manifest a new job when my focus is unfocused.

In the meantime, I’ve returned to studying my favorite subject: spirituality.

Did I mention that I was a philosophy and religious studies major?

I finally finished reading A Course in Miracles which I will probably read forever because I love it – the metaphysics spin my head around in a great way.

I read The Universe Has your Back and May Cause Miracles.

I am on my third 40 day meditation journal, 40 Days With Sai Maa.

I finally started reading The Power of Now.

I have been watching Marianne Williamson’s Tuesday livestreams.

I can’t get enough.

It’s soul-quenching.

But sometimes it feels like a separate world from the day-to-day with family, friends and job hunting.

Of course, putting such energy into shifting my internal focus from the gravitational pull towards fear and worry to the lightness of loving and having faith has impacted my perspective on job hunting.

I have let myself step back, stop trying to control everything and listen to my “Inner Guide” for direction.

I have gotten stronger at telling my noisy mind to Stop it!, because it doesn’t have any satisfying answers or solutions.

I have reconnected to a Higher Power I once knew very well.

So where does this leave me?

Trusting I’m on God’s plan and timeline. 

My SIL shared this quote with me from the book of Malachi which is in the Old Testament, and it has inspired me a lot in the past month:

“Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground.”

I took this to mean that the universe is truly loving and does and shall provide. Always. That nothing gets in God’s way, the path is cleared.

She pointed out that it can also be read that the Lord of hosts pours YOU out, that YOU are the blessing.

That just put another perspective on job hunting. It’s not just about me finding my next role.

It’s about being a blessing for others, and that the universe has the best plan for the highest good. Nothing can thwart this.

If this goes for me, it goes for you, too. Pour YOU out a blessing.



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