To Claim Is To Manifest

When my son was in third grade we bought him a really cool, insulated lunchbox. It was a little pricey, but it performed. Juice boxes and cheese sticks stayed cold all morning.

After a couple of weeks of using the lunchbox, he lost it. He loves recess which happens right after lunch, so he probably brought it outside and forgot it on the playground.

That night when I asked him for his lunchbox he realized it was missing. He was kind of sad about it, but he decided to check both the playground and the lost and found the next day.

When he came home that day, he realized that he forgot to look for it. This happened again for three more days. He said “I just keep forgetting because I have recess after lunch and we play soccer until they call us in.”

Finally, he came home the following day and exclaimed that he found the lunchbox. He remembered to go look for it! It was in the lost and found.

When he decided to find the lunch box, there it was. He knew what there was to do, and he claimed it. He went from no lunchbox to lunchbox in hand.

I think this is a great analogy for manifesting desires.

There’s something we want – happiness, a relationship, money, the dream job, the dream anything. We look around and it’s not there. We spend days, months, years thinking about it and then forgetting about it. Life happens and it distracts us. The result is that our desires don’t show up in any form.

What if we already have them because we have the essence of them? What if they already belong to us? My son owned that lunch box from the beginning; it was already his.

The thing is, with the use of your thinking and imagination, you can conjure up the images and especially the feelings of what it is like to have what you want. This is the key principle to manifesting any desire, according to Esther Hicks and Law of Attraction.

But then we look around at the playground of life and think, I have other stuff to do right now. I have to go to work. I have to cook dinner. I have to run errands. I have to pay bills. Wow, I have a lot to do. I don’t have time to feel all the feels of what it would be like to have what I really want. I’ll think about that later.

But it’s there. It’s already yours. It’s like the lunchbox sitting in the lost and found. It’s just sitting there waiting for you to claim it. Your joy. Your satisfaction. Your love. Your worth. Your adorableness. Your brilliance. Your creativity. Your generosity. Your relationships. Your goals. Your success. Your dreams.

They were always yours. They aren’t going anywhere. They are waiting for their owner, you. What’s meant for you will not bypass you, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to claim them.

Claiming does take energy, though. First, to feel what it’s like to have that which you desire and then to take inspired action. It takes attitudinal initiative. It takes being proactive. This energy is a different force than the energy it takes to just get through the day. 

There are always things to do, but your desires want to be claimed by you. You determine when. The power to claim is yours…

To claim is to change. Getting up and going to the lost and found is not your norm when it comes to this desire of yours. You have to be willing to change. Sounds like a familiar Louise Hay affirmation… just saying.

To claim is to lead. Leadership is forging a path, often it’s one that hasn’t been forged before. Who is going to argue with you? Inertia. Who is going to win? That’s your call. You have to be willing to lead.

To claim is to own. Ownership is about taking responsibility. Claiming responsibility for your dreams means claiming responsibility for today’s reality. You have to be willing to own who you’ve been and how you’ve thought and felt that got you where you are now. Owning your situation without judgment now gives way to owning new dreams, situations and manifestations now.

To claim is to trust. For the things that are already yours, do you doubt whether they belong to you? Do you look at your couch and think, I just don’t know that I can trust that that’s mine. Nope. It’s claimed. It’s yours. Trust is inherent. Claiming requires trusting in all that is yours in essence before it can manifest in reality.

To claim is to allow. When my son claimed his lunchbox it moved into his hands. It’s like he was saying, “come to me, you belong with me, you are mine, naturally.” When you claim something it begins moving your way. Naturally it will end up in your way of operating, in your thinking and feelings, and ultimately in your hands. You’ve reversed inertia with you decision and your belief. You have granted permission for yourself to have and for your dream to come forth.

To claim is to have. It’s like the Universe is holding up your dream and asking, “whose is this?” And you respond saying, “Oh yeah, that’s mine. I’ll take it. Thanks.” And then it’s handed over to you. Just like my son with the lunchbox at the lost and found.

You’re ready for the next big thing. You’re ready to start a new chapter. You’re ready to play big. You’re ready to live joyfully. You’re ready to manifest your dream. Claim it!



Photo cred:

Aaron Burden

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