9 Ways To Get You’re Worth It, Once And For All

In our darkest moments, we wish the light would simply shine away our troubles. It absolutely can when we get our small selves out of the way. Here are nine ways to see beyond so-called barriers to your higher self and get how much you’re worth it.

1. Let go of control. It seems safer to control everything. It seems like it will minimize risks and quell threats. But we can never get everything and everyone under our control. Controlling isn’t living; it’s constraining. You’re worth a liberated life.

2. Disengage from fear. Fear is so gripping that we don’t bother asking what we are afraid of. To overcome fear is to look inside fear, beyond the reaction to the so-called threat, and to ask ourselves what is truly at stake. You’re worth a fear-less life.

3. Observe judgments. Judgments feel so truthful, so justified and even necessary. Are we discerning for the highest good or making something small to boost our intelligence, our credibility, our opinion’s value? Witness judgment and use it wisely. You’re worth a graceful life.

4. Surrender worry and anxiety. It’s tempting to collude with worry in the name of responsibility and awareness. To worry is to submit to helplessness. To surrender worry is to be open to alternative solutions and patient as they unfold. You’re worth a peaceful life.

5. Be wrong about victim stories. We all have a past. We have all been the victim, and we have all been the perpetrator. We replay these stories in our minds and in current events. The past has never defined us. Only we have defined ourselves based on the past. Can we be willing to be wrong about how past stories shape us now? You’re worth a life of presence.

6. Acknowledge mistakes. Making mistakes can be painful, but they are also our teachers. Perfection isn’t always the goal on an eternal journey of growth. Maintain a static image or role model malleability? Our mistakes make us human and humble, and that’s one way we connect to each other. You’re worth an authentic life.

7. Give up cynicism. No one wants to be uninformed or naive, but cynicism does not make one educated. Cynicism breeds impotence and hopelessness. We only opt for cynicism if we are committed to something huge yet don’t believe it can happen. We have huge commitments. Will we stay true to them? You’re worth a hope-full life.

8. Stop proving. Earning our place, proving our worth, and the endless search for our position, our niche, are not requirements for living. Here’s the deal: We belong here. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. And here we are. We are here with all our talents, gifts, relationships, imperfections, faults, hopes, and dreams. Acceptance is in order. You’re worth a satisfying life.

9. Forgive and forsake guilt. Many of us are wrong waiting to happen. Or wronged waiting to happen. But whether the blame goes inward or outward the result is the same – guilt. Guilt is divisive. Guilt has us disconnect and separate from others. Guilt is a lonely business. Forgiving – to give openly and freely again – ourselves and others may be the ultimate plotline of life. What would we have to forsake? Withholding our hearts. You’re worth a life of love.

Revealing You

We either fight for littleness or reach for our higher self. Without allegiance and protection, our littleness has no power. Let’s trade obedience to the demands of littleness for a turn on the watchtower, vigilant and mindful of self-deprecating beliefs that hinder our joy. Vigilance brings clarity, glimpses of who we really are. With clarity comes willingness. Willingness builds belief. The effort quickly becomes natural. In the end, it’s easy. You step away, casually un-involve yourself, and stop tolerating internal chaos. You see your Self.

Be kind to yourself. Reach for compassion. Claim joy. You’re worth it.



Photo cred:

Jeremy Bishop

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