Lay Aside Grievances

I was meditating this morning on the idea that peace of mind and joy are within reach right now. The question for easy access is simple: am I willing to lay all grievances aside?

Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all regrets, grievances and resentments and choose the miracle. —Deepak Chopra

It struck me that I often work very hard in my mind to fix grievances, make them go away, eradicate them as soon as possible. But the insight from the quote above and many other spiritual texts is simply to lay them aside and choose miracles. This stopped me in my tracks.

When I was in high school, I was a bit of a math junkie. I really liked the experience of elegantly and efficiently solving proofs. I saw the beauty in applying mathematical principles to abstract problems. I even enjoyed getting stuck sometimes, because I knew there was an answer that I just hadn’t seen yet. I always discovered the solution, and I loved the experience of when the missing piece “clicked” for me. I was practiced at working hard to solve problems.

It dawned on me that this is how I have approached not only day-to-day problems but my commitment and desire to live in peace with myself and to be one with the Universe and with everyone. It’s kind of ironic—I take a resistant approach to reach a peaceful state. It’s me versus my problems. The battle is on! I have to surmount or overcome them.

Nowadays, this strategy only takes me so far. It doesn’t always help me make the full shift to the peace, confidence and joy that I desire. Many times it has exacerbated my fears and left me feeling badly about myself. What’s wrong with me that…? Now I’m the problem and the grievances begin to pile up.

The more I look at this conundrum, the more I can’t deny that grievances have no foundation in spiritual reality. They are illusionary. It’s good to acknowledge that I am the one believing whatever thought has caused the grievance. But trying to fix the grievance is actually staying on the level of the grievance. Even if I try to apply a spiritual principle I “know” to be true, it feels like coming down to the level of the grievance and misbelief.

Laying the grievance aside is a whole other mode. It takes understanding the grievance and how it works – that I chose to believe in something that perhaps at one time served a purpose for me but now is a weight on my shoulders and a veil to my sight. Exposing the grievance and being honest about it is key, but the next step is laying it aside. “Look, but don’t dwell,” as Marianne Williamson often says.

How do you lay a grievance aside?

There is no formula, but here are some ideas that I have been employing to interrupt my problem solving mode and get into drop it mode:

  1. Stop engaging in it
    • Stop using the grievance as a solution to a misbelief; notice how it doesn’t solve anything but keeps you rehashing it in your mind
    • Wake up and be aware – see the misbelief that you bought into underneath this grievance and stop feeding in it with your attention
  2. Envision putting it down
    • Envision putting it on the floor in a room or on a shelf or altar, see your hands letting go
    • Envision picking up and holding onto affirmations, gratitude or heartfelt acknowledgement of spiritual principles
  3. Relinquish the habit of fixing grievances and fear
    • Consider that this is the job of a higher power
    • Your job is to be willing to step aside for the real Power; as many say, God works the miracles
    • It’s humbling to let go and let the Universe do Its job
  4. Give so much love
    • With the extra time and energy available, focus on what we are all here to do: give soooo much love
    • Forgive – see all, including yourself, as the pristine, beloved Child of God
    • Giving love unconditionally is an access to laying aside grievances and to choosing and accepting the miracles that the Universe works all the time

Grievances can bite and nip all day long. It’s about staying awake, alert and consciously choosing the miracle again and again. Let go and lay grievances aside.

What grievances will you lay aside?


Photo by Kristopher Roller

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